GoBeyond and Greenbackers Investment Capital partner to support the growth of early-stage climate start-ups that are creating solutions to help us reach Net Zero faster


The main goal of the partnership is to facilitate connections between investors interested in supporting the transition to a low carbon economy and start-ups working at the forefront of climate innovation. Both GoBeyond and Greenbackers believe that this collaboration will allow them to further strengthen the respective ecosystems, exchange knowledge and offer promising ventures more smart capital to support their growth.

Since 2008 GoBeyond team encourages novice and experienced investors to grow by supporting startups passionate about making a difference. Today GoBeyond’s international community counts more than 800 early-stage investors from 41 countries. This year GoBeyond launched a Climate Action Programme with the aim to finance the solutions for a low-carbon, resilient global economy.

Greenbackers Investment Capital are UK-based VC specialists for Net Zero. They catalyze the investment needed to build a more sustainable society through their online deal platform and bespoke investor services.

Denise McQuaid, the CEO of GoBeyond, commented:

“We are very proud to count on partners like Greenbackers on our journey of launching a programme that is entirely focused on Climate Action. There are many exciting climate startups but they need more than just money to take off. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs with access to capital, resources and industry expertise from a network of global investors who believe in their vision.”

Robert Hokin, Managing Partner of Greenbackers Investment Capital added:

“Angel Networks like GoBeyond are absolutely critical to the overall funding cycle for any business and even more so in the climate arena. Here in our home town of Glasgow, there’s been a lot of talk about target-setting in the run up to COP26, but to make Net Zero a reality, investment capital must flow faster into the climate technology start-ups that can and will make a difference. Greenbackers is action program for this, so our partnership with GoBeyond is important to us and a relationship we value greatly”.

This partnership allows both organizations to benefit from:

  • Knowledge exchange – Robert Hokin has recently joined one of the GoBeyond live events to share his experience and the work Greenbackers is doing as well as discuss the challenges climate startups face and the role that Business Angels has to play in the transition to carbon neutrality in a fireside chat with GoBeyond’s CEO Denise;
  • Deal sourcing – A start-up referred by Greenbackers was selected to present at one of the GoBeyond Climate Action Pitch events and received positive feedback from the investor audience;
  • Community interaction – Joint events and activities will allow members of both communities to meet each other and share expertise.

For more information please contact ask@gobeyondinvesting.com.


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