Interested in start-ups but do not feel ready to invest yet? Interested in better understanding the risks involved? GoBeyond offers a unique opportunity for aspiring early-stage investors who would like to start supporting innovative entrepreneurs but might not feel ready to invest and take the leap yet.


Who are angel investors?

Angel investors are private investors who back emerging entrepreneurial companies that are too small or too early in their development to attract the interest of venture firms. Business angels are an essential source of funding and support for companies and entrepreneurs who lack guarantees or track records to access other sources of finance that might be available on the market. As important as the capital provided, angels also provide mentorship, knowledge and expertise: resources that new businesses need to grow and prosper.


What you should know before starting?

Angel investing can be highly rewarding financially and personally, but takes courage and commitment since it is very risky – around 70% of Angel investments are written off. Just 9% of all investments made provide 80% of all financial returns. Understanding how to invest effectively and having a properly constructed investment strategy are essential. These take both training and practical experience to achieve.

There are many questions to ask yourself before starting your investment journey. How much time can you realistically spend on due diligence and negotiation? How do you guarantee a high-quality deal flow? How do you monitor and manage your portfolio?


Is there a way to try it out without committing capital?

Navigating these issues can be complicated especially when you are on your own. To provide support as you begin your angel investing journey, we have developed an “Angels in Training” programme where novice and sophisticated angels can co-invest alongside each other. Aspiring early-stage investors actively take part in an enriching early-stage investment experience – with a strong education stream at its core – without actually investing! This provides the perfect environment to learn the ropes from seasoned investors, surrounded by a supportive community.

You will leave our programme with a robust understanding of angel investment and the process. You will develop skills in evaluating investment opportunities and in navigating the funding process – from the perspective of both an entrepreneur and an investor. You will also gain an opportunity to network with global investors and entrepreneurs. And that is not all. Each programme focuses on a specific topic, therefore you will also have access to deep domain expertise, knowledge sharing and exchanges of best practices in the space. In 2021 we will be addressing two important topics: Climate Action and Circular Economy. If you are interested in better understanding how you can play a role as a business angel in creating a more sustainable future, reach out to the team at ask@gobeyondinvesting.com to learn more.


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Angel Investing involves substantial risk and many early-stage investments will not be successful. Please click here to read our Risk Warning in full.
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