Climate Action

A movement of early-stage climate funders

The climate crisis requires collective action and Business Angels can play a role in the transition to carbon neutrality. This is why we decided to launch a movement of early-stage climate funders. 

Our vision

Our vision through the Climate Action Programme is to finance the solutions for a low-carbon, resilient global economy. In this programme, climate action will be focused on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to address the impacts of global warming.

The following four key sectors have been identified as major contributors of GHG emissions and will provide the basis of the investment areas to focus on energy, mobility & transport, built environment, food, agriculture & land use.

Climate Action – An urgent call for collective action

Climate change is
widely considered the primary
“existential threat to humanity”

Urgent action is needed
to limit warming to 1.5C.
Global net CO2 emissions
must drop by 45% by 2030,
and reach net zero around 2050

The World Bank estimates
that 90 trillion dollars
in climate financing
is needed by 2030

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