Our Pricing

1. Training & Events

We are currently updating our events format and training content. During this transition period, unless otherwise stated in the respective registration page, our training and events will be free to all users of our platform. 

2. Investing

We charge an upfront one-time transaction fee for each investment round you make through GoBeyond. 

  • If you invest in a startup via one of our syndication providers, our Investment Fee will be 5% of the amount you invest at the time. This fee also covers the service of holding the investments in Fiduciary capacity on your behalf, over the lifetime of the investment.
  • Whereas if you invest directly with the startup, our Investment Fee is 4% of the amount invested.

The above terms apply to all types of deals, whether they are first-time or subsequent new rounds, as well as follow-on rounds.

A one-time Investor Setup Fee of EUR 150 applies on the first investment round you participate in via GoBeyond.

Upon exit:

  • a EUR 250 administrative fee per exited investment applies;
  • a Carried Interest (Carry) of 20% above an annual gross capital gains of 8% per exited investment will apply, as per Carried Interest definition below.

No further fees apply for the duration of these investments.

All above fees are VAT exclusive and subject to applicable VAT. 

Carried Interest definition

a) Carried Interest shall be calculated as follows and borne by each Investor pro rata to the amount of its initial investment in the shares or debt instruments of the Chosen Investment:

Carried Interest = ( E – ( I + ( I * H * d / 365 ) ) ) * C


E = Exit value, i.e. total proceeds from the sale of the shares or repayment of debt instruments incl. interest thereon of the Chosen Investment.
I = Amount of the total initial investment in the shares or debt instruments of the Chosen Investment.
H = The hurdle rate set at 8% per annum simple interest.
d = Number of calendar days between date of initial investment and the date of exit, i.e. the sale of the shares or debt instruments of the Chosen Investment.
C = The percentage due to Go Beyond set at 20%, of the balance remaining once the capital and hurdle rate are paid out in full.

b) No carried interest shall be owed to the Service Provider, if the annualized pre-tax rate of return on investment of the Investor is less than the hurdle rate (H).

c) Distributions of exit proceeds per round per investment shall be made:

  • First, return of the initial investment (I) in full or up to the amount of exit proceeds;
  • Second, pay out of the hurdle rate (H) in full or up to the amount of exit proceeds;
  • Thereafter, any remaining balance is split 80% to investor & 20% to Go Beyond.

d) The Carried Interest will be shared with the person in charge of monitoring the Chosen Investment.

e) The Carried Interest applicable on each Chosen Investment upon any liquidity event of the Shares, shall be the Carried Interest as defined in the Service Package current as at the time of participation by the Investor in the said Chosen Investment.

Angel Investing involves substantial risk and many early-stage investments will not be successful. Please click here to read our Risk Warning in full.
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